You Know That Thing About Cats & Dogs? Blue and I Made It Through as Best Friends.

Have you ever heard that thing about cats and dogs? Well, I lived it.

I always had cats in my house. My grandmother adored cats, but my mother loved dogs. So, one day I came home from school and my mom brought in the house the sweetest dog ever. She named him Blue after my late uncle, whose nickname was Blue. I was 12, so you can imagine how special it was for me.

Blue is a Cavoodle. We got him when he was just a puppy. Like I mentioned before, I had cats in my house, so when we got him, Blue barked and tried to antagonize them. They would usually ignore him unless he got close, and they would hiss back. As time passed, they learned to co-exist and we had peace.

Back when Blue first became a part of the family, he was so little. Sometimes I’d lose track of him and would have to look around the entire house to find him. He would be hiding in

some of the smallest, weirdest places. As strange as it sounds, one time I found him in my bottom drawer of my dresser. I must have left it open, and he jumped in. I still remember just laughing so hard. He was so comfortable just sitting on my socks.

As Blue and I grew older, our bond became tighter. My mom would have to leave for work, and it would just be me taking care of Blue. Unless he was hungry, he would sit with me for hours, no problem. I’d pet him and play with him for a bit, but most times he’d sit next to me while I did homework or watch TV with me.

Another thing I adored about Blue was how much he loved to eat. He would eat his food and then sit by my leg and cry until I shared some of mine. One time, he did it with my brother, but my brother never shared. So, when my brother went to get some paper towels, Blue jumped up on the table and took a piece of chicken off his plate and ran before anyone could stop him. It was so funny. He had never done anything like that before.

My mother and I kept Blue groomed and clean. Every Thanksgiving, I would watch the National Dog Show on NBC and I always admired how well-groomed and well behaved those dogs are. I have to admit, I did wish Blue could behave that way. But there was also a side of me that wanted Blue to just be the dog I love so much.

Despite him being such a small dog, he always did his best to protect me. Cavoodles are not aggressive dogs, by any means, but Blue would bark at anyone that came near me if he didn’t know the person. He’d even offer a nip or two if I didn’t tell him to stop fast enough.

He also could always tell when something was wrong with me. If I was sad or extremely frustrated, he would come and comfort me the best he could. In the winter I would get sick often, he would always be there to make sure I was okay.

He was a loving dog to everyone else in my household as well. At my house, it’s just my mother, my older brother and me. Most nights, Blue would sleep in my mother’s bed. With my brother, he often just spent time playing and walking with him.

Now 12 years old, Blue is a simple dog for the most part. He’s happy with just the little things in life. He loves to go on walks. We used to run together so we could both get some exercise. He also just loves to play. Blue and I would also race sometimes. Early on, he was confused, and he would just run after me. Eventually, he figured out when I yelled “Go!” he would run and try to beat me.

Unfortunately, Blue and I had to part ways two years back, but he’s still in the family, living with my uncle. I do see him often and I still feel the love that he has for me.

All this talk about Blue has me excited about the National Dog Show. Luckily, I get to work on such an amazing event as an intern for Vizion Group PR. The show takes place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. The dates are Saturday, Nov. 19 and Sunday, Nov. 20. Tickets are inexpensive, so come join us. Visit and remember to watch The National Dog Show Presented by Purina this Thanksgiving on NBC.



Such a cute dog!




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