Tibby, Our Travel Buddy, Straight from Ukraine

Back in 2019, when the world was a far less complicated place, a trip to my homeland of Ukraine to find the dog of my dreams was a wonderful experience.  

I’ve always had a dog growing up, whether it was my Chihuahua, Yorkie or Maltese. Having smaller dogs my entire life made me wish for a bigger dog to play with. My mom was also always interested in getting a Standard Poodle, because of their obedience and looks.  

Back in 2019, my mom found a breeder in the country of her birth, Ukraine. The breeder had just had a litter of Standard Poodles. It was big news for my family and, somehow, my mom figured out a way for my dad, sister and me to go to Ukraine and bring Tibby home. Since most of our family lives there, we decided to turn it into a vacation. As soon as we got out of the airport we were greeted by Tibby, who has become one of the best additions to our family.  

Bringing her with us around the beautiful Ukrainian countryside was not an easy process, but we made an adventure out of it. Our favorite spot was the Carpathian Mountains located in Western Ukraine (see photo). We woke up for the sunrise and took her on a little hike on one of the ski trails. 

After two weeks of visiting family and bonding with Tibby, it was finally time to haul her back home to the States. I don’t know which part was worse, figuring out a way to get her onto a 14-hour flight, or running through one of the biggest airports in the world, Istanbul Airport, during a 30-minute layover.  

As soon as we got home, Tibby quickly assumed a prominent role in our family. We’d take her and our other dog, Gucci, on road trips to the Poconos, Carolinas and Florida, which is where we found out that she’s definitely a beach lover.  

Since poodles are a popular breed at dog shows, we always thought about having Tibby as a competitor in the future. Now, thanks to my internship at Vizion Group PR, I know a lot more about the details involved with the execution of the show. Vizion Group handles the marketing and public relations for the National Dog Show, which everyone watches on Thanksgiving Day every November. I am super excited about the opportunities and experiences that I will take throughout this internship and, who knows, maybe we will get Tibby to become a competitor someday.  



Awesome!!! Love Tibby- great pup and travel buddy! Would love to see photos of Gucci as well!

Katie LaBella

YES TIBBY! Love your dog, so cute!💙💙

Lauren Roccio

Love this!! Tibby has traveled more than me, lucky dog!!!

Megan A

Such a beautiful dog! Poodles are great company and a fantastic addition to every family. Such a unique story and I am sure that Tibby is living her best life with lots of beach trips!

V Ygreen

I met Tibby a couple times here in the states and I can confirm she is quite extraordinary. She brightens any environment with her love-able personality. Tibby would make a fantastic competitor!

Caroline Nowak

Tibby looks like a movie star


Tibbyyyyy the love of my life


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