Individuals unable to show proof of vaccination (including children), will not be permitted entry at any time that week. See below for more information.

Vaccinated individuals coming to the shows Nov. 18-21 should register with CLEAR for proof of vaccination and ease of access. Click here to download the app and then follow the simple prompts to register. CDC Card plus photo ID will also be accepted but we recommend that you register with CLEAR. There is no charge to do so.

dates and times


Saturday, November 20
Sunday, November 21



Adults (ages 12+) $16



Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks
100 Station Ave
Oaks, PA 19456

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The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows are sanctioned by the AKC, the principal registry for purebred dogs in the United States and the largest registry in the world. Every year, owners register approximately one million dogs with the AKC. The AKC's Canine Health Foundation is the world's largest funder of exclusively canine research with a mission to develop significant resources for basic and applied health programs with emphasis on canine genetics to improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners. The AKC and its affiliate, AKC Companion Animal Recovery, have been crucial in providing long-term care to animals displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.