What Movies Taught Me About Dogs!

It isn’t too hard to find a movie about a dog. There is the Beethoven series, 101 Dalmatians, Lassie, and Bolt. If there was a dog in the plot line, chances are that I watched that movie growing up! Three influential fictional dogs in my lifetime were Air Bud, Balto, and Snoopy.

AIR BUD: Who wouldn’t love a pudding-eating, basketball-playing golden retriever? While Air Bud gave me unrealistic expectations about my dogs’ athleticism, it also taught me that dogs are good friends in tough times. I might not be able to play basketball with Buddy or Magic, but I can still play games with them and talk to them. It might seem weird talking to my dogs out loud, but don’t knock it until you try it! They don’t talk back and are always happy to see you – what better audience could you ask for? Air Bud taught me that your dog is your friend! Whether you’re trying out for the school basketball team, or venting about a bad day, your furry friend will always have your back!

A very real Buddy, and of course Magic!

BALTO: He may be part dog and part wolf, but Balto taught me a lot about acceptance and love. While based on a true story, this animated movie takes liberties in personifying the animal world. Still, who wouldn’t appreciate this brave dog battling the artic tundra for much needed medicine? In the movie, Balto’s actions are motivated by his crush, but also his genuine concern for the people in his community – even if they don’t all particularly like him! This movie helped teach me that you can’t judge a book (dog or human) by its cover.  Your dog loves you for you, so show your dog the same courtesy!

SNOOPY: Every year I watch the Peanuts holiday specials, and every year I find myself appreciating Snoopy more! Another animated pet, Snoopy taught me that dogs have boundless personality. The dog that walks on his hind legs and gets into wild adventures with his pal, Woodstock, embodies the way I think of my dogs as people. Just as Snoopy gets into crazy adventures when left alone, I believe Buddy and Magic have wild untold stories created in the hours I am away. Whether we project these people like qualities onto our own dogs or not, Snoopy allows us to see our dogs as people with their own personalities and stories just like us!

Any dog movie teaches me a little something new about my own furry friends! What are your favorite dog movies? Have they taught you anything about dogs? Let me know in the comments! In the meantime, check out the links on our page to learn more about the National Dog Shows hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. You won’t want to miss out on meeting these fantastic dogs! Movies about dogs are great, but nothing can beat hanging out with hundreds of dogs all day at the National Dog Shows! Who knows, maybe they’ll teach you something!

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