The Special Genius That is Called Dog

Have you ever thought about all the crazy smart things your dog can do? They persuade you to rub their belly and give them a treat with one look! For all the times Buddy runs into walls and bangs his head on the kitchen table, even he is a brainiac when it comes to getting his way,

When we first got Magic, she wised up very quickly to the fact that she would be sleeping in a crate. Every night she would run laps around the house with us chasing her to come inside. We were desperate and she had us wrapped around her paw! She knew we’d bribe her with lots of treats and she caught on to every new trick we tried. In all honesty, she could have run us ragged for a long time if she had never had to compete with Buddy. She knew how to keep us on our toes!

Knowing looks from my best buds!

At one point we had to fence off our front yard so that we could regrow grass in the muddy path Buddy and Magic had created, and they were not pleased! No matter how high we made the fence, Buddy managed to find a way over or under it! Truthfully, I had thought of Magic as the brains of the operation, but we soon found out Buddy has his own brand of smarts.

The two of them know how to shake paws, sit, lay down, and other obedience tricks too. But one of the ways I find Buddy and Magic to be smartest is in games and agility! When they were younger, Buddy and Magic could pick up on any game or agility course we made for them in our backyard. My family and I enjoyed watching them jump through hoops and chase down tennis balls!

The two of them even have learned how to tattletale on each other! One night Buddy got up onto our kitchen counter where there was a plate of cookies. My mom woke up confused to Magic nudging her with her nose. Hearing a loud repetitive clunking noise, my mom followed Magic downstairs to see Buddy with his big nose in the plate!

What are some of the smart (or not so smart things) your dog has done? Leave a comment to share! You can bet that the dogs at the National Dog Shows hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia are smart too! I know Buddy and Magic wouldn’t have the same focus as those show dogs! Can you imagine how prepared they must be to keep their eyes on the prize? Check out the links on our page so you can go meet all the genius dogs, watch diving dog demos, and experience the wonderful world of dogs offered by this fantastic event!!!

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