Sparkling Personalities

I don’t know about you, but one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that dogs have very unique and interesting personalities. From their smiles to their playful fights, Buddy and Magic are full of spunk.

Over the years, my family has tried to pinpoint where our dogs get their personality traits – much like a dog version of nature vs. nurture argument. Some people think that we deflect our own personalities on our pets, or exaggerate their behaviors into more than they actually are. However, from watching dog to dog interactions, my opinion is that dogs really do have their own personalities that make each one fun and lovable.

When we first brought Magic home, she was a terror! She chewed our shoes; she would run circles around the house instead of coming inside at night; in short she thought she ran the show! Two years later, Buddy joined the family and Magic began to take out her struggle for dominance on Buddy. While Magic had been rebellious, Buddy just wanted to please and be pet! Buddy’s obedience made Magic start to listen better. All of a sudden, it was a daily race to come inside and a contest for whom could get the most attention!   Even today, the two have very different personalities. Buddy pretends he’s a lap dog, enjoys lots of company, and runs into walls – usually by accident. Magic is bossy, likes to chase imaginary deer, and will roll onto her back hoping for a belly rub if you so much as look at her. What kind of personalities do your dogs have? Comment below and share!

If you want to see more dogs with spunky and fun personalities check out the National Dog Shows hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia! At the benched show, you will get to see the dogs’ unique personalities up close and watch fun demonstrations all day! Check out our links for tickets and other information, you won’t want to miss out!

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