Sweating it out in the Summer

These past few days have been extremely hot and unbearably humid.  Just imagine if I think the humidity is killing me, than how two Australian Shepherds covered in thick coats of fur feel! And I am sure Buddy and Magic are not the only furry friends suffering during the hottest days of the year.

Magic takes a swim

Usually on hot days we try to keep the dogs inside. The two fight over who gets to lie on top of the air vent, but being stuck inside doesn’t expend their boundless energy, which can lead to torn up pillows and a chewed shoe. Other times, we can get away with substituting treats with ice cubes or sticking a ton of ice cubes in their water bowl outside. If we tried this inside we’d end up with a swimming pool after Magic and Buddy have knocked over the bowl trying to get at the ice!

Buddy cooling down in the pool

For those of you with access to a dog friendly pool, swimming can be a fun activity for you and your dog. Last summer, one of the community pools in my area hosted a Pooch Plunge, where anyone could bring their dogs to go swimming. Sadly, I was at school and missed out on seeing Buddy and Magic’s first swim, but my mom and sister took them anyway.

My sister, Sarah, helping Magic

As it turns out, Buddy and Magic are not the best of swimmers, but the water did seem to cool them down. But if your dog likes aquatic activity, I recommend checking out the Purina Pro Plan P5 phone app, which can be found at the iTunes App Store and is available on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The app gives ideas for activities dogs will love! There is a section dedicated to aquatic activities including the diving dog, which combines swimming with frisbee! I know if Buddy and Magic were better swimmers that would be one of their favorites. Now, I guess I will be spraying them with the hose and relying on ice cubes to help keep my furry friends cool until the next Pooch Plunge.

How have you been keeping your dog cool on hot days? I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments!

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