Dog-sitting Adventures

Last week, I had the opportunity to dog-sit two Dachshunds, named Maggie and Max. Just from looking at their short legs and long bodies compared to my Australian Shepherds’ long legs and large bodies, I knew that Maggie and Max were going to be very different from Buddy and Magic! Everything from their bedtime routines to their meal times were different from my own furry friends. However, over the course of my stay, I learned that even Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds share some similarities.

Both pairs of dogs have certain things that set them off. Buddy likes to chase deer and play with a tennis ball, while Max prefers to bark at rabbits and play with a squeaky toy he ripped all of the stuffing out of. Magic can’t stand bike wheels or when we roll the trash can down the driveway, while Maggie is terrified of the garbage truck and taking a different route on her walks. However, all four seem to greatly dislike fireworks.

On the evening of Independence Day, I could hear the booming fireworks taking place throughout Maggie and Max’s neighborhood. As I sat on the couch watching TV, Maggie jumped into my lap shaking from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. For awhile she sat there as I tried to comfort her, but she still kept shaking. Eventually, she started pacing and burrowing into the couch cushions, while Max curled up on a pillow with his favorite squeaky toy.

Attempting to follow the bedtime routine, I took both dogs outside to do their business, but Maggie did not want to be out for more than a few seconds with the rumbling fireworks still taking place. On the other hand, Max decided to be the protector barking as viciously as he could. When it was time to put them in their kennels and tuck them under their blankies, Maggie finally seemed to be relieved and the fireworks seemed to be slowing down.

When I went home in the morning, I heard all about how Magic and Buddy had handled the holiday similarly to the Dachshunds. Buddy hid in my parents’ bedroom and Magic snuck into the basement – both places they aren’t typically allowed. Magic even peed on the carpet! It’s funny how dogs that seem so different can have so much in common! How did you and your dog like the Fourth of July? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

At the National Dog Shows hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, you have the opportunity to see the differences and similarities between all the breeds! Check it out and get your tickets in the links on the page, and find out what your dog has in common with these Best in Show contenders!

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