Bark First, Ask Questions Later

Though my pup Marty can’t actually ask the questions later, he is always in to take advantage of the opportunities set in front of him. Whether it be springing outside for a game of catch, or jumping in the car for a quick ride to the grocery store – Marty is in. He is quick to get up and rise to the occasion, no matter if it is for a breath of fresh air, a snack, or just for company – he’s a rally-er.

I think that this is one of many lessons that we learn from our dogs. Though this is not the classic loyalty story, companionship dog tale, or unconditional love lesson, our dogs teach us to live in the moment too. Their undeniable
excitement and willingness to jump at every opportunity shows motivation that everyone should have in life, whether it’s applying for that job that you think you may not get, taking the spontaneous trip across the world, or going on that blind-date your roommate is setting up for you – go for it! These impulsive actions can lots of times turn into greater opportunities that may be life-changing.

Marty is not worried about the past, and the future to him is unknown and not concerning. He is only focused on enjoying the present and grabbing the
opportunities that are right in front of him. Barking first, and asking
questions later.

You can meet this very special pup of mine by checking out our National Dog Show social media posts as we promote the 2018 show coming up this fall.  The Kennel Club of Philadelphia shows are set for November 17th and 18th in Philly and the popular NBC special, The National Dog Show Presented by Purina, is set for Thanksgiving Day.

Check us out!

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